Thursday, July 2, 2009

Undisclosed Settlement – Georgia Truck Accident Joezer Lopez v. ABC. Inc. and John Doe, No. 1:09-CV-1219 (N.D. Ga. Filed May 7, 2009).

Client suffered lumbar subluxation; myalgia and myositis; cervical subluxation; and thoracic subluxation as a result of a roll over collision with a commercial carrier that fled the scene of the accident on Interstate 285 in Fulton County, Georgia. Wotorson Thompson recovered damages from the uninsured motorist coverage policy.

Client, an Alabama resident, was traveling northbound on I-285 one half mile south of GA-166 in the third lane of travel when a commercial carrier in the fourth lane of travel made an improper lane change and entered Client's lane of travel. The impact of the commercial caused Client's vehicle to traverse the inner two lanes of traffic and violently collide with the highway median wall. Client's vehicle then overturned and came to a final uncontrolled rest on its top in the first and second travel lanes. There were multiple witnesses to the accident as the commercial carrier driver fled the scene of the accident.

Wotorson Thompson was able to reach an amicable undisclosed agreement between Client and the uninsured motorist insurance carrier.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Minority-Owned Business, Kwame Building Group, Inc., Benefits from President Obama's Stimulus Package

Kwame Building Group, Inc. president, Anthony Thompson, can testify that the stimulus package has helped small businesses. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will save and create more than 3.5 million jobs over the next two years through many investments including $150 billion in new infrastructure, enact the largest increase in funding of our nation’s roads, bridges, and mass transit systems since the creation of the national highway system in the 1950s. One small firm has reaped the benefits of the President's stimulus package.

Kwame Building Group, Inc. is a construction management firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO with regional office in Dallas, TX; Pittsburgh, PA; Seattle, WA; and Phoenix, AZ. The firm is a key member of several program management teams on capital improvement programs across the nation in the area of transportation including airports, roads, bridges and mass transit systems.

Thompson says that he can testify that the stimulus package is working for small businesses. He stated that Kwame Building Group, Inc. has saved more than five (5%) percent of its existing workforce and has added several new positions on projects that have benefited from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Thompson added that, the Stimulus Package is critical for the survival of the American small business.

Kwame Building Group, Inc. is a close corporation that has been ranked among the top 100 Construction Management For-Fee Firms in the United States by Engineering News Record Magazine.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009




I want to keep you informed of what’s happening at the State level. St. Louis has not had a representative on DESE in 7 years. Some issues can be halted with one dissenting vote.
In addition to the attached facts about the Missouri State Board of Education, I have prepared a few of my intended goals to help clarify my positions. I plan to focus on four (4) areas:

1. Increasing test scores and eliminating the African-American achievement gap that the Black Leadership Roundtable has worked on for so many years, through curriculum enhancements and through increasing leadership qualifications at the principal level. I plan to assist with systemic changes at the State level that will ensure lasting improvements for the African American community.

2. Eliminating poor performing charter schools and preventing the opening of new ones that do not provide unique and proven learning opportunities. D.E.S.E. does not have any control over charter schools.

The legislative statute gives charters the authority to exist and all D.E.S.E. does is rubber stamp their approval. If they do not perform, the only entity that can shut them down is the sponsor; not D.E.S.E. That is absurd. The legislature must change this in order to keep SLPS in control of their dollars. I want D.E.S.E to hold charters to a higher standard than public schools or they should not exist.

3. Increasing awareness of “A+” designated high schools and ensuring every eligible high school in the St. Louis Public Schools District is certified as such. I intend to make sure SLPS has all the support required to become the premiere school district in the State.

4. Securing full accreditation for the St. Louis Public School District and increasing the presence of Teach for America teachers throughout the State of Missouri.

A few questions for the newly appointed state board member, Anthony Thompson;

1. How long have you been interested in public education?

I have been involved with public education for over 20 years starting with the Role Model program. I adopted Jackson Elementary School (SLPS) and when it was closed, I continued my partnership with the principal at Dunbar Elementary School (SLPS) where
I funded the Behavioral Specialist for their in-house suspension program.

2. What qualifies you to be a State Board member?

My qualifications include my: a) passion for learning; b) Chair of K-12
Committee of RBC; c) Education Committee member for Black Leadership Roundtable
and; d) my standing as Teach For America Board member.

3. What is an “A+” High school; and why is this so important?

At last week’s meeting, I learned that 254 high schools in the State of Missouri have this designation. The “A+” designation entitles graduates to 2 years full tuition and books paid for by the State of Missouri. I also learned that you do not have to be an accredited school district to become an “A+” designated high school.

4. What is your position on school vouchers?

I do not believe private schools should be funded with public dollars.

5. What about the “Betty Thompson Scholarship” bill?

The Betty Thompson Scholarship bill was intended to give a tax credit to those who
contributed to the St. Louis Public Schools, only. Politics got in the way and the bill
evolved into a slightly different approach.

Anthony Thompson
Kwame Building Group, Inc.
1204 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103
Office 314 862-5344
Fax 314 754-5650

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Dichotomy of Race in American Politics

It has been socially unacceptable to talk about race relations long before there was a United States. The United States with all of her riches and dignity was founded in the roots of slavery and oppression. However, because of the inherit moral turpitude the topic of race in America has taken a back seat and remained out of the mainstream culture. The written, spoken and otherwise expressed "mantra" of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has always been countered with the subterfuge of conduct that is contrary to our community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals.

Our American ideology was taken from this dichotomy. We have always been divided into exclusive contradictory groups. It has been mended and woven into our culture.

The social, economical and political gains that black people have made has come at the high cost of human life. As we continue to progress there will undoubtedly be more sacrifices that many of us will proudly make. As Americans continue to attempt to unite the duality that separates the races, we will be faced with challenges that appear different than those of our forefathers but have the same effect on our communities.

For example, discrimination may not be overt with racial overtones but the racism that faces our generation is shrouded in a clandestine illusory promise of equality. The laws of discrimination have been erased with the Jim Crow South. First Reconstruction and then The Civil Right's Movement were era's in our nations recent history that helped to ensure that Constitution applied to all Americans regardless of race, color or ethnicity. We may no longer be faced with the black letter laws, rules or regulations of racial discrimination but the policies of its effects still exist. In order to understand the policies of racism's effects, one must understand the effects of racism. The power to divide and oppress goes far beyond legislative statutes and executive agency rules and regulations.

The effects of racism are evidenced by the disparity among whites and blacks in America in almost every level or caste of American society. While no one may contest this reality the reasons for the disparity is what divides many.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Setback for President Obama May be a Blessing for the Administration

On Thursday February, 12, 2009 President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Commerce, Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire withdrew his name from consideration for the post. President Obama has taken the bold step of actually trying to diversify his administration by appointing persons from both major political parties. Sentator Judd is a republican and has been a critic of the Department of Commerce.

President Obama has nominated a diverse stock of candidates to his cabinet. He has nominated 2 republicans and retained one person from the Bush administration. It seems as though President Obama has tried to stay true to his "mantra" of inclusion and bipartisanism to the dismay of his detractors. In fact, the unofficial motto for many consersatives is that "President Obama Fail."

Anyone who wants to the see the President of the United States fail wants to see the United States government fail. This philosophy is as harmful as treason against our government. It may be even worse than treason since the underlying factor is a wish that our government fail from within. Furthermore, while we should respect free speach, it is not in the best interest of our government to include those who would like to see if fail.

Thus, Senator Gregg's withdrawal from nomination as Secretary of Commerce only 10 days after his initial acceptance should be viewed as positive for the Obama Administration. Senator Gregg cites his reasons for the withdrawal as his difference with the President on the $789 Billion stimulus package and the impending census count. However, Senator Gregg was well aware of President' Obama's position on each of these issues months before he accepted the nomination. In fact, Senator Gregg has sent a strong message that he would not be a part of the Obama administration because he disagrees the President on certain issues. The irony is that Senator Gregg disagrees with many federal laws that did not prevent him from taking the oath of office to uphold the laws of the United States. Senator Gregg once voted to abolish the Commerce Department. This did not prohibit the senator from serving in government. Thus, the issue is that many politicians have served in a capacity where they did not agree 100% on the executive branch's administration. Change only comes about through recognizing differences.

The issue before us is that there is a movement not only to disagree with the Obama administration but for the first time in history (at least since the civil war) there is a movement of those who actually want to see the Administration and thus the nation fail. This un-American ideology is deeply rooted in a conservative philosophy that opposed change but only with respect to their agenda. Their agenda has been exclusion. Rather than work with an Administration in which they may have differences, the conservative movement would rather see and hope for failure as opposed to working with the Administration to bring about effective change.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Will Blacks Regain Respect in the Wake of President-Elect Barrack Obama?

In the wake of the historical United States Presidential Election of Barrack Obama, America's first Black President, will Black people regain respect? Will we regain respect in America and around the world? Most importantly will we regain respect for one another.

Just as America has been synonymous with racism, Black culture in America has been synonymous with perseverance. However, the new black generation, the pre-civil rights generation has adopted a culture of misogyny, crime, violence, drugs, over-spending and overall disrespect. The leaders in the Black community have been relegated to Artist and Athletes who degrade one another, degrade women, degrade our communities and exploit our people.

There are many academic debates on the issue of how and why we have embraced such a violent and destructive culture. The blame list could be endless. Of course 400 years of oppression cannot go unnoticed. But now we have to embrace change. We have to be accountable for our actions in our community.

It is time that we get back to the foundation that was laid by our ancestors. President-Elect Obama has given many hope of retrieving that lost dream. Voter turnout in Black communities across America reached upwards of 90% in some precints. Adults who have never voted in the past turned out in record numbers.

So how do we accomplish this feat? How do we embrace that dream that seemed deferred for so many years? It has to start from within. We have to begin to demand respect for ourselves. We must not support artist who degrade our culture. We must demand that all elected official, not just Black elected officials, support legislation that supports the Black Agenda. We must spend money in stores and with businesses that support Black people. Our actions should not be limited to a laundry list but we have to begin somewhere and that somewhere is to respect ourselves before the world will once again respect us.

Our Part in Progress

President-Elect Barrack Obama is the catalyst for change. He has the vision and most importantly a plan to lead the US in a new direction. A direction of inclusion and equal opportunity. However, President-Elect Obama cannot do it alone. It's going to take everyone to play our role in changing our great nation.

Many are still in celebratory mode in the wake of President-Elect Obama's historic presidential victory, but we cannot afford lose focus. Positive social change requires progress, planning and positive action. Individual social responsibility must be a goal for America's citizens if we are to support President-Elect's vision of change.

Many African-Americans have felt excluded in US government despite our several strides in three branches of government. We have African American judges, Congressman and appoint leaders in the executive departments of government on the local, state and federal level. However, while these accomplishments should not be belittled, they are not proportionate to the sacrifices that Blacks have made in building this nation. Now all people have been given hope and a promise of inclusion. Specifically, Blacks have hopes for inclusion in American Society on every level. This hope must be our individual catalyst for self-motivation.

Our part in progress must begin internally. As we continue to mend the wounds of oppression that we and our forefathers and foremothers have had to bear for centuries, we must set aside anger. We must turn that useless emotion into positive thinking and thus positive actions. Whether white-collar, blue-collar, poor, or middle-class everyone will have a part in the change that is occurring in America. The change that will overtake America must occur on the grass-roots level.

Individual social responsibility will come in many forms for all of us. Through organizations, businesses, family and neighborhoods. Each individuals responsibility to positive social change will occur through different avenues but we all must have to dedicated to assisting President-Elect Obama in his vision and thus our vision for change.